The initial premise of this effort was a concern about the prevalence of PTSD in our community, but since then we have slightly broadened it to reflect the wider (and more blurred) range or spectrum of Operational Stress injuries that include depression, anxiety and addiction as well as PTSD.  Furthermore, there is a potential concern about the prevalence of cancer and neurological conditions within our community, that is hard to judge with little or no data.

The primary purpose of this survey is to give you, the individual, an assessment of the stress levels you are under.  At the end of the survey the anonymous and automatic system will tell you (and only you) your specific score.  It might advise that if your score is above a certain level then you should see a professional.

The results of the survey are collated to give an overall picture of those participating in the survey but statistically we can't really use those statistics as they are from a "self selecting" group.  So far over 200 ATs and ATOs (serving and retired) have completed the survey and some, as a result, have sought medical treatment. 


The survey has 28 questions and will take approximately 5-6 minutes to complete.